MC Vests similar to those seen on *Sons of Anarchy

We are a small company devoted to providing our customers with genuine leather motorcycle vests at reasonable prices as well as costume vest in the *Sons of Anarchy style. We offer plain MC leather vests for those who want plain leather or for those who wish to customize their vest according to particular club’s traditions. We also have a limited selection of in stock patches which we will gladly add to your vest upon request. We are huge fans of the FX show *Sons of Anarchy and all thing biker-related and love to bring that fashion to a wide audience. We have several *Sons of Anarchy style *Sons of Anarchy style jackets. We also offer synthetic leather vests with patches for those who might be looking for costumes. We are happy to ship our costume vests that look like *Sons of Anarchy to Canada.  

*We are in no way associated with Sons of Anarchy.  Vests are similar to the one Jax wears on the show.

WARNING: Vests are for costume purposes only. Some outlaw bikers may take offense to the wearing of such vests if patches are added, and outlaw bikers can be prone to violence, so please wear these vests with caution. Do not wear in areas where you might put yourself at risk of violence. Such areas where you might put yourself at risk include, but are not limited to, biker bars; biker meet-ups; biker rallies, festivals, conventions, or similar events. Absolutely do not pose or otherwise linger around other people's parked bikes as, at the very least, you increase the likelihood of someone stealing your lady if not worse. Buyer assumes the risk of wearing the vest, as a condition of purchase, agrees that Seller will in no way be liable for any harm that comes to Buyer while wearing the Purchased Item.